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Dominant Facebook integrated into 24 per cent of top websites

Facebook continues its Internet reign, as website monitoring service Pingdom announced Monday that the social network has a presence on 24 per cent of the top 10,000 websites in the world.

According to Pingdom, Facebook is integrated into 24.3 per cent of the global Web. That number jumps to 49.3 per cent when regular links to the networking site are included.

Pingdom's numbers are based on a May survey of the top 10,000 websites, according to Web information company Alexa. Those third-party sites have the option of embedding Facebook widgets and other social plug-ins, like logins or 'like' buttons, which are on more than 7 per cent of site homepages.

"It's worth noting how close the social network is to becoming part of the Web's DNA," Pingdom's blog said. "When so many websites have some form of Facebook integration, maybe we're already there."

The social media world may be a little top heavy, but rivals Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn aren't too far behind.

Micro-blogging site Twitter has an official widget on 10 per cent of the surveyed websites, as well as a 'share' button on 4.3 percent of the pages. Including links, Twitter's total presence reaches a close 41.7 percent.

With fewer official widgets and plug-ins for Google+, the site suffers only slightly compared to the rest of the networks. Google's +1 button is not entirely specific to Google+, Pingdom said, but was first invented as an incentive to site owners to improve their Google search rankings. Now, the site can count 13.3 percent of the top 10,000 websites with a sharing badge.

In the battle of the buttons, LinkedIn barely stands up next to its competitors, with a slight 0.6 per cent of homepages boasting LinkedIn integration. The focus on professional networking, however, possibly limits LinkedIn's appeal to site owners, Pingdom said on its blog.

Pingdom focused its survey on website homepage, but given that some sites incorporate social networks across their websites, the integration numbers could be even higher, Pingdom said.