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Google to launch custom Gmail themes option

Are you sick of all the themes that Google offers to spice up your Gmail? Well, now you can personalise your inbox with your own photos.

Google on 19 June announced that it is rolling out a new custom themes section in Gmail "over the next couple of days" that will let users set their own background images. Google offered a similar option for Gmail before it launched its redesign of the service last year.

Now you'll be able to select backgrounds from your Google+ photos, upload your own photo directly or paste any image URL. You can also browse Google's searchable Featured Photos section to find one you like. Google first added image uploading in April.

"Whether you want to bask on a tropical island or simply reminisce about last year's holiday with the family, your Gmail can now be customized to your mood," the Gmail team wrote in a blog post Tuesday. "Find your perfect image and make your Gmail your own with custom themes."

When you add your own background photo, you'll get to choose between two themes for the rest of the interface - light and dark.

Meanwhile, avid Gmail users will have likely noticed that Google recently unveiled tighter integration between Gmail and Google+. With the change, you can now stay in the Gmail environment when replying to Google+ notifications, as well as comment on, view and "+1" posts from within Gmail.

As for other recent Gmail changes, Google in May rolled out an automatic message translation option that makes it easier to communicate with others who speak a different language. Also, Google in April began offering a new tool called Gmail Meter, which provides monthly statistics about everything from how many emails you sent and received to how long it usually takes you to reply.