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Ikea's Uppleva TV system available in Sweden, coming soon to Europe

Uppleva, Ikea's all-in-one TV, Blu-ray player, sound system and cabinet, has hit Sweden, with select stores across Europe expected to have it in stock as of 2 July.

The home entertainment system comes in three sizes - 24in, 32in and 46in - and sports a full HD 1080p resolution. Uppleva is compatible with MP3, MP4, DivX HD and JPEG file formats and ships with HDMI and USB ports.

As well, the Swedish company recently announced that Uppleva would ship with an 8GB USB drive for recording, rewinding and fast-forwarding TV shows. The accessory doesn't offer all the advantages of a traditional DVR, but it's a nice bonus nonetheless.

Uppleva's simple interface features 20 different apps, including YouTube and Vimeo. But, despite its clean design, Swedish tech publication M3 found the interface difficult to navigate. It's difficult to perform tasks more complicated than changing the channel, wrote M3 editor Andreas Ivarsson.

Though Ivarsson was impressed with the sound system and the design of the combo, he cited a "worrying" amount of noise in the picture quality.

"With some nice interior this piece can be something you don't have to be ashamed of in your living room," Ivarsson wrote, according to a Gizmodo translation. "The only thing you have to be ashamed of is if your friends will try the TV's more advanced functions." The base unit retails from around 6,500SEK (£600).