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LG reveals plan to focus on smartphones

LG confirmed today that it will shift its focus away from tablets in order to concentrate more fully on smartphones.

"We are definitely focusing most of our resources on smartphones for the time being," an LG spokesman said today via email. "When we're at a point when we're satisfied with our smartphone portfolio and positioning, we may look at tablets again."

The move was first reported by Bloomberg.

At Mobile World Congress in 2011, LG unveiled the Optimus Pad tablet, an 8.9in Android Honeycomb-based tablet running a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 Coretex-A9 dual-core processor. In January, the company unveiled an LTE version of the tablet. Like other Android tablets, however, it struggled to compete against the still-dominant iPad.

Instead, LG's focus going forward will be on smartphones. Just yesterday, LG said its Optimus L5 will be available in the UK,Germany and France this month.

About two months ago, LG denied that it would abandon the Windows Phone platform, but did concede that its primary focus would be Android devices. "We are not giving up on Windows Phone," an LG spokesman said at the time. "Although we don't have another Windows device in the pipeline at this moment, that is simply because demand for Android devices is so strong."

"We've maintained since the beginning that LG will support whatever operating system consumers want but at the moment, our priority is to get our Android devices to a level where we feel we've covered all the bases, to use an American analogy," he continued.

The news comes the day after Microsoft tipped its new Surface family of tablets.