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Tech Today: Mensch mania, US-Israeli cyber attacks, Macbook Retina tear down & Windows Phone 8 buzz

One of our most read articles today reports the bizarre news that Tory MP Louise Mensch has launched her own social network to rival Twitter. (say it - sounds like ‘mention', the clever girl) aims to streamline online chatter by limiting conversation to certain topics, while new members are automatically subscribed to the feeds of 100 users Louise deems most influential. Egotistical? Abuse of status? In the words of ITPP reader ‘Laechesis', "something to avoid, like the plague"? Follow the link and tell us if you have a more positive view on the story.

The tech world has thrown other government-members into the limelight today, as high-rank intelligence officials have attributed the Flame virus to the work of US and Israeli authorities. The malware, designed for espionage and focused on disrupting Iran's military program, has dominated cyberhack headlines of late - but the perpetrators had so far been unidentified. It looks as if the cover may now have been blown...

Moving elsewhere, and while most people would probably just want to fondle and caress their new Retina-bestowed Macbook Pro, the repair specialists at iFixit couldn't wait to tear the whole thing apart. There was a point to it, thankfully, as they did their usual work of dismantling the product to judge its construction and ‘repairability'. See what they made of the sought-after Macbook, and specifically that shiny new display.

Everyone's got their favourite new app and our chief Andy Evans is no different. But the Hotel Tonight app, which has just been launched in London after success in the US, looks to have greater mileage than most and impressed audience members at this week's Le Web conference in the capital. Hotel Tonight tracks your location and offers you nearby accommodation in just eight seconds, allowing the user to pay for their booking through the service before they even check in. Read on to see why Andy's a fan.

Finally, we point you towards another big buzz-creator on ITProPortal, in the Windows Phone 8 Apollo rumours round up. With the Windows Phone summit in San Francisco looming this evening, and a strong chance the OS will be officially unveiled, get the full picture of what we can expect from the event - and look no further than ITProPortal for all the subsequent reaction.