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Android texting app Swype gets 4-in-1 keyboard, voice support updates

Android texting application Swype just got a little smarter, graduating to a next-generation, four-in-one keyboard and adding voice capabilities.

Swype now provides more text input choices on top of the ability to interpret a user's personal language style, "ultimately providing an amazingly fast, flexible, and accurate experience," according to speech-recognition software builders Nuance, who acquired the keyboard app in October.

Chief among the app's tweaks is the four-input option, providing users with the traditional letter-to-letter swyping, while adding the ability to type with predictive text input, use an integrated Dragon button to speak the text, or rely on the old peck-and-hunt one-finger motion.

Typists can quickly swap between any of the modes, providing what Nuance called "the ultimate in keyboard personalization."

Among the new features is next-word prediction, an intelligent integration that allows the app to build on historical usage, compiling every word a user enters in emails, texts and other posts.

"People use their keyboards every day in every way - so input needs to be fast and simple," Michael Thompson, Nuance Mobile executive vice president and general manager, said in a statement. "The new Swype living, learning keyboard ushers in a new era of input, where the keyboard adapts to the user's unique way of communicating every time they swype, speak, tap or write."

Want to send a message to your friend in Italy? Swype's 55 language downloads allows users to communicate in any language they can speak.

The Swype Beta for Android is available for download via There's also an SDK for other operating systems, Swype said. Swype opened a limited beta in 2010.