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iPhone 5 to have 19-pin dock connector

The forthcoming iPhone 5 will have a 19-pin version of Apple's traditional 30-pin dock connector.

Rumours of a brand-new port have been swirling for months, and details have finally been confirmed by TechCrunch. The new, smaller version of the dock connector can be seen in images and videos of allegedly leaked parts, though it has until now been unclear exactly what the component would be.

Three independent manufacturers have said that the new port is indeed a 19-pin mechanism, according to TechCrunch.

No word yet on whether the new dock connector will feature any other functionality. But, among concerns about losing the stability the traditional 30-pin port offers when connected to certain accessories, some new rumours have posed the possibility of similarities to the MagSafe power cables used in Apple notebooks.

The new port will have the benefit of space-saving for the device. But it also raises concerns about whether Apple is attempting to edge out third-party manufacturers who may be creating unauthorised accessories for Apple products.

It's likely that the company will also announce an adapter to make the iPhone 5, and other future iterations, backwards-compatible with existing accessories.