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Outlook 2010 Message Recall

It's happened to the best of us: you've vented your displeasure at being forced to work over the holidays by tapping out a quick email telling your demanding boss exactly where he can stick his flaming golf clubs. Reach for a calming swig of tea, and: disaster! You accidently hit SEND!

You now regret comparing the boss's beloved children to Ewoks and handing in your notice, but have no fear, Recall Message is here!

Provided your boss is on the same Microsoft Exchange Server as you are, is using computer settings that allow for automatic email recalls, and hasn't read the message yet, then let's reverse the flow of the space-time continuum. Well, actually, let's just recall the email.

Time is of the essence here, so first go to your Outlook Sent Messages folder. Open the message you want to recall. On the Message tab in the Outlook Ribbon at the top of your screen, go to the Move group, and click Actions, then Recall This Message from the drop-down menu. In the dialogue box, click Delete Unread Copies of This Message. To minimise the nail-biting suspense of waiting to find out whether you'll be at your desk or the Job Centre tomorrow, tick the checkbox Tell Me if Recall Succeeds or Fails for Each Recipient.

Tip: If you don't see the Recall This Message dialogue box, check to be sure you have opened the message you want to recall. If it still isn't visible, it probably means you're not on the same server, and it's not possible to recall the message.

We hope you succeed in heading off that regrettable email with this handy guide. Failing that, reversing the flow of the space-time continuum really is your only hope...