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Samsung Galaxy S3 Free Unlock App appears on Google Play

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and want to unlock it, you might want to try Project Voodoo's Voodoo Galaxy S3 SIM unlock which was released yesterday for free on Google Play.

The app, currently in its version 1.0 beta1 and developed in one day only, unlocks the phone's baseband allowing the customer to use SIM cards from any network provider without restriction. You will require root access though and the unlock is immediate (doesn't require reboot).

Users are advised to backup before launching the unlock app and the developers stress that the app doesn't come with any form of warranty or support of any kind. The code has now been open sourced on GitHub for those (possibly including the chaps from Samsung) who want to explore it.

Since yesterday, the application has received 40 five-star feedback which means that the app appears to be working. Worth noting that the original method for circumventing the S3 locking system was originally discussed and by the community at XDA-developers.

Source : Google Play


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