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Twitter rolls out 'no replies' option to streamline user feeds

Twitter is beloved by its hardcore users for the focused messaging power inherent in the short bursts of text and tags they can fire off faster than is possible on other social media platforms. But for less seasoned tweeters, the site can resemble nothing so much as an eye chart.

The microblogging startup this week took a small step towards making its service more amenable to the latter group, offering an option to view just the original tweets of verified Twitter accounts with the conversation function turned off (see sample screenshot below).

Twitter has been on a tinkering binge of late. Earlier this month, the San Francisco startup rolled out a new company logo and last week, Twitter introduced new embedded media capabilities in the expanded tweet function for a roster of media partners.

The simplified tweet timeline will be the default setting when it's rolled out across the user base, Twitter's Michael Sippey wrote in a blog post announcing the change. The company will be adding the option to switch from the simplified view to the traditional Twitter view to verified accounts over the next several weeks, he added.

The idea is to give followers of popular Twitter users an easy line to original comments without having to wade through a tweeter's various replies to other tweets , which can often be incomprehensible unless you're committed to tracking a multi-user conversation through its many twists and turns on the microblogging site.

What the new option also means is that visitors to Twitter won't be assaulted by a cacophony of @username tags if they opt for "No replies." Of course, as Sippey noted, everyone will still be able "to discover great moments on Twitter like when @MollyRingwald and @SalmanRushdie discussed following one another on Twitter" by simply clicking the "All" option on a given user's Twitter stream.

What's next on Twitter's agenda? How about figuring out a way to make hashtags, atrocious grammar, and terrible spelling disappear at the click of a button as well?