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Yamaha YHT196 5.1 AV package down to £180

Home Cinema specialists Richersounds, has slashed the cost of the Yamaha YHT196 5.1 package to a mere £180.

The bundle includes a 5.1 speaker set and the AV receiver. The latter has built in Dolby and DTS processors, and 192/24-bit Burr Brown DACs on each channel. The sound is processed by a high power, low impedance amplifier with an impressive 100 watts per channel (6 ohms).

Other features include three 3D compatible HDMI ports (and one out), support for an Audio Return Channel, 17 DSP modes, Compressed Music Enhancer which improves the sound from MP3 sources such as computer audio or iPods giving them enhanced detail at the top end and lower bass as well as A/V lip sync function which ensures you get a perfect match between the image of dialogue on your TV and the actual sound from your speakers.

The set also features four satellite, one centre and one bass speakers and a 5-year guarantee costs a mere £17.95. There are probably cheaper models on the market by the YHT196 is one of the cheapest AV sets on the market.

Source : RicherSounds.

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