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Android Jelly Bean upgrade confirmed, coming to Google Galaxy Nexus

The mythical Android Jelly Bean upgrade is almost here. A descriptive blurb in a Google Play Store listing for the Galaxy Nexus has confirmed that Jelly Bean will be the next upgrade to Android. But it may not be the complete overhaul we were expecting - Jelly Bean will be version 4.1 of the Google OS, not 5.0 as was previously rumoured.

A couple of low-quality images suggest the UI is likely to get some minor changes, including a different background image and newly designed search bar. No word yet on what other alterations could be lurking beneath the homescreen.

The description can be seen in the US Google Play Store now but, perhaps more importantly, its existence suggests it's incredibly likely Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be unveiled at Google I/O in the last week of June.

Google is also expected to launch its Nexus 7 tablet at the developer conference. That highly anticipated device, jointly produced with Asus, is rumoured to be an attractively priced 7in tablet.

Other Google I/O rumours include announcements about Google Assistant, a Siri-like voice-activated digital assistant service, and Project Glass, the company's interactive, augmented reality glasses, which are currently in development and were recently shown off by Google CEO Larry Page.

Image Credit: The Verge