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Lumia 900 owner writes angry Windows Phone 8 letter, gets reply from Stephen Elop

Microsoft has left a lot of unhappy campers in the wake of its announcement that customers who buy a Windows Phone today will be locked out of the Windows Phone 8 operating system (opens in new tab) when it launches in the autumn.

One such customer, the rightfully angry new owner of a Nokia Lumia 900 (opens in new tab), wrote a letter to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega to air his grievances.

The customer, named Luke, wrote:

"I just watched the Windows Phone 8 announcement and learned that the Lumia will not be upgradeable to WP8, it will more or less get a skin with the new live tiles and a few other features. This to me is the worse offense of all, I understand the Lumia doesn't have the multicore and NFC built in so all three companies will say the hardware doesn't support it, but at the end of the day unless one of you responds and convinces me to stay with Microsoft Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia or Att wireless I will just wash my hands of all three companies and move over to Verizon. I hear Google makes some nice LTE phones over there."

(opens in new tab)Elop promptly responded:

"We have a lot of exciting capabilities coming as part of a pattern of updates for the existing Lumia products. This includes some of the most significant visual elements of WP8 - for example, the new start screen. As we have always been, Nokia is committed to delivering a long term experience to any purchasers of our products."

No word yet on exactly how the Lumia will get Windows Phone 8 integration but given Nokia's struggle to compete in the smartphone market, it might prove to be a dealbreaker for the Finnish company.