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Microsoft Surface tablet to be Wi-Fi-only

Microsoft's recently announced Surface tablet will be WiFi-only in its first models, Bloomberg reports.

The device, which was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer after days of anticipation, is expected to launch in October without 3G or LTE capability. Citing two sources "familiar with the matter," Bloomberg reported that the Surface tablet will be Wi-Fi-only to keep costs low.

While more attractive pricing could help the Surface to compete with Apple's iPad, restricting it to Wi-Fi connectivity could very well be a snag in Microsoft's mobile computing vision.

Of course, it's entirely likely that later models of the device could ship with mobile data connections.

The Surface tablet will run Windows RT, a light version of the forthcoming Windows 8, and be powered by a still-unnamed Nvidia ARM CPU. A follow-up Pro version will feature the full desktop Windows 8 OS and will ship with an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, as well as additional features and twice the internal storage.

One of the flagship features of the Surface tablet is its Touch Cover and Type Cover keyboards, both of which can be attached magnetically to the device and offer both cover and keyboard functionality.