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Photo apps updated for Bing, Yahoo

Recently, it seems like 'Go Bing, or go home' is the search engine's new motto. Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed a completely redesigned website, and on Thursday it announced a fresh look for its image search.

Meanwhile, Yahoo, which in 2009 partnered with Microsoft to have Bing power Yahoo Search, introduced its own improvement to image-searching in Yahoo Mail.

In keeping with the cleaner, more streamlined feel of the new Bing, the site now provides larger thumbnails that are scaled to fit different aspect ratios after the fashion of Flickr and Yahoo. Other items on the agenda were to create less clutter and improved scrolling in Bing image search, according to Microsoft.

"Our goal with the new design was to make the images shine," Jon Noronha, a project manager on Bing's multimedia team, wrote in an official blog post.

The search engine's image search now incorporates features like the magnifying glass, which provides a blown-up preview that follows your mouse as you scroll, as well as the filter bar, where users can search by size, colour, type, layout, and faces.

Bing has also raised the profile of search suggestions and trending search notifications, which are featured at the top of a results page and give users info on what other Bingers are looking for.

"We hope the new look will entertain, inspire, and inform you about the world," Noronha wrote.

Also on Thursday, Yahoo introduced its new Photos App in Yahoo Mail.

The in-mail application aggregates all of the photos a user has sent or received during the entire span of a Yahoo email account, showing thumbnails that can be filtered by date, sender, folder, and size, according to the Yahoo Mail blog.

Key features include skip searching, quick sharing, associated-email searching, and easy sorting, director of product management Miriam Geller wrote.

The photo app can be found in the lower-left side of Yahoo Mail in the applications area.