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Today's Tech: Jelly Bean finally arriving on Android, Blackberry 10 to lead with touchscreen-only, Apple to clone our identities

One place you can usually go for a healthy dose of breaking news is the mobile arena, and today has been no different. The fabled Jelly Bean upgrade to Android has been mooted for some time and it now seems that the platform will finally be unveiled by the end of the month. The (jelly) beans were spilled in a descriptive blurb on the Google Play Store for the Galaxy Nexus, so stay locked to ITProPortal to see if any official announcements are made.

Another big mobile story today came in the way of RIM's proposal to lead its long-awaited Blackberry 10 line with touchscreen-only devices. Is this a case of RIM shooting itself in the foot by abandoning its one identifiable selling point in the physical keyboard? Or a strategic masterstroke to have its phones once again mentioned in the same breath as the iPhone and leading Android products? Let us know how you see it.

Xbox fans the world over will have been rather excited when they discovered the recent Xbox 720 leak, but it looks as if Microsoft didn't share quite the same enthusiasm. The company is now seeking to get the whopping 56-page doc wiped from the web, so crack on and see what was revealed while you can...

First spy planes, now they're cloning our identity? Apple's moves seem more sinister by the day, but fear not, we're told on this one - as a new patent secured by the Cupertino giant is designed to keep us safer online. Our cloned online profiles will be supplemented by fake data, so when those scamming scamps try to use our details they will be confronted with a load of conflicting information, effectively foiling their actions. Follow the link to find out more.

It's not just news ITProPortal has covered. As ever there's reviews galore on the site; the latest being this low-down of the sleek Panasonic DMP-BBT01 Blu-ray player. It's a high-end product with a high-end score, but you'll have to check the full review to see exactly how it rates and if it's worth a splash of your cash.