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Apple offers product discounts for employees

Looking for a summer job? An Apple retail store may be your best bet.

Apple CEO Tim Cook kept his January promise that the company would sweeten its employee perks, introducing on Wednesday steeper Mac and iPad discounts.

Tacked onto the existing 25 percent discount, Apple's rebate only applies to those working with the company for at least 90 days, and is restricted to use once every three years. The Mac mini and Retina display MacBook Pro are not currently on the employee product list, 9to5Mac reported.

Apple did not immediately respond to request for comment.

More Apple promises came in the form of a three-month advance on salary raises, according to 9to5Mac, which in May reported that while the work force was previously scheduled to receive raises on 30 September, they will instead come at the end of this month - a one-time benefit.

Apple store employees can now use their new Macs to join the OS X Mountain Lion testing party.

This week, the company emailed Genius Bar members and Creatives access to its AppleSeed testing program, which asks employees to test the new operating system on personal computers and provide feedback in advance of its July release, CNET reported.

Not considered standard in-store training, employees' experience with the new Mac OS will certainly offer a leg up when customers start streaming into stores next month with questions and complaints.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be available in July. The revamped OS focuses heavily on iCloud and iDevice integration, and includes a built-in Twitter function, and iChat replacement iMessage.