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Comment editing comes to Facebook

Have you ever posted a comment to Facebook only to notice later that it included grammatical or spelling errors or another, more embarrassing gaffe?

Facebook feels your pain, and will now allow you to edit the comments you make on the social network.

"This is particularly useful if you've made a typo within your comment but already received some likes," a Facebook spokeswoman said in a comment. "Now you won't have to delete the comment entirely, just edit it."

So, if you used the wrong form of "their" or spelled your friend's name wrong on a comment that sparked an otherwise interesting discussion among friends, just edit the mistake and keep the conversation going.

For those who might change the entire meaning of their comment, thereby making subsequent comments look nonsensical, users will be able to click to see the unedited version.

"Anyone who can see the comment will also be able to see the edited history," the Facebook spokeswoman said. "If you don't want to show past versions, you can just delete it and re-comment as you would have before this feature."

The feature did not appear to be live on my own Facebook account yet, but is apparently rolling out now.

Facebook has added a number of updates to its comments platform over the years. Back in 2008, it added the ability to comment on peoples' status updates, followed in 2009 by the ability to simply "like" those updates. By 2010, it took it one step further by letting users "like" a friend's comment on your comment. Last year, meanwhile, saw the introduction of live comments, as well as the ability to add videos and photos to comments.