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New iPad Substitute for kids? Cheapest Android tablet in UK costs £48.55

This has to be the cheapest Android tablet in the country. At £48.85, the ePad would be perfect as a remote control or as a device for the kids who look for an iPad like their parents.

It comes with an VIA 8650 ARM11-based processor clocked at 800MHz, 256MB of RAM, 4GB of storage with a microSD card slot, a 7in 800 x 480 pixels resistive screen, a camera, Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, Android 2.3 Gignerbread, a VGA camera, a thickness of 12mm, compatibility with the majority of file formats two USB ports, a 2400mAh battery and a number of other features.

Given that you can grab a 32GB microSD cards for under £16, you should easily be able to upgrade the total amount of storage to 36GB for less than £65.

That said, it is not as good as the Disgo 7000 tablet we saw back in March 2012 which was on sale for £50. The latter had twice the onboard system memory and a faster processor plus a HDMI port.

Source : Ebay

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