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Samsung Galaxy S3 to bring first quad core LTE handset in Korea

Samsung will bring out a quad core version of the Galaxy S3 with an LTE chip and 2GB of RAM - but only for the South Korean market - according to numerous separate reports online

The handset will apparently come with a quad core Exynos application processor, an LTE baseband modem, a 2100mAh battery and a 9mm thickness, five per cent thicker than the 3G model.

In addition, it will exclusively come with DMB TV broadcasting capabilities with an antenna, a video hub with 500 titles as well as support for Voice over LTE (otherwise known as VoLTE) from the three major mobile phone operators in the country.

Samsung doesn't manufacture LTE baseband modems as far as we remember so they'd probably need to rely on a third party manufacturer like Qualcomm.

It is very likely that the company will release the LTE version of the handset in other territories (like the US) once it has enough stocks.

The Galaxy S3 was launched in the UK at the beginning of May and can be had for as little as £26 per month from T-Mobile and costs around £500 SIM Free.

Source : The Verge

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