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Google empowering live blogging for I/O with new tool

If you're tuning it to Google I/O from today, the search giant has a new tool that will let you live blog the event and even run a live video stream of the opening keynote on your own web page.

The catch is that the tool only works through Google+ profiles and the live video feed is restricted to Google I/O, The Next Web noted Monday - so for now, you can't use it to evangelise Bing on your Facebook page, you cheeky scamp.

You could try, of course, but video from a Google I/O keynote would probably "not be relevant for other events," as Google notes on the gadget's FAQ. The live blogging feature could theoretically be used for whatever purposes a user desired, but keep in mind that it's not possible to remove the video stream, so it would still look pretty odd.

It turns out that the one thing you can't change in the gadget is Google's live stream from the event. The live blog feature is optional, as is the inclusion of Google announcements from I/O as they go live.

Google's I/O live gadget is pretty simple to plug into your Google+ profile. You just copy and paste the code found on this configuration page to any blog or Web page after customising how it will look and what it will include.