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How to broadcast your business presentation anywhere in the world

Sometimes it isn't possible to give a presentation in person. You may be tied into other things or perhaps you can't get to the venue in time to give the presentation, however if you just allow the audience to download the PowerPoint file instead of presenting it yourself, much of the effect is lost. You cannot explain things, talk to the audience about the subject or interact with them effectively. They end up reading the PowerPoint presentation and are forced to go only by what's shown on it, without being able to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Up until now, this would have been a problem and something that could have made life very difficult, but today you can now use the new Broadcast Slide Show feature within PowerPoint 2010, and therein lies the answer to this problem.

Broadcast Slide Show enables you to give your presentation live to an audience from anywhere in the world. You can even add a spoken commentary that runs alongside the presentation while your audience, who can also be located anywhere on the map, can view the presentation through their web browser.

There are no required plug-ins or add-ons needed to view the presentation, the photos are all clearly visible, and videos will play back seamlessly. Often there is some effect on the fonts and transitions, but for the most part, you can view the presentation exactly how it would be seen if the audience downloaded it. However, now they have the benefit of seeing it presented live by the creator of the presentation itself.

In order to use Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010 you must have access to some form of Office 365, Windows Live or SharePoint account. The audience, on the other hand, simply needs a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer, to view the presentation.

How to invite people to your presentation

When you are ready to broadcast your presentation, email the presentation link to whoever you wish to join your audience. If you are using an instant messenger, or a social network site like Facebook or twitter, then you can just copy and paste the broadcast URL there.

Step by Step guide

1. First you need your complete presentation so that it is ready to stream online. Then, if there is any form of multimedia within your presentation, you must compress it, otherwise it will not work with online streaming. To compress your multimedia (video or audio), go to File and then to Info. Then click on Compress Media and reduce it to internet quality. Wait for your files to compress and then save your work.

2. Now that your presentation is ready for broadcast, go to File and navigate down the menu to Save and Send. Select Broadcast Slide Show and click the Broadcast Slide Show button. PowerPoint, by default, assumes that you will be using Windows Live-powered PowerPoint Broadcast Service. Press the Start Broadcast button and then enter your Windows Live login information.

3. Now send the invitations to your audience. This is done via email. Also, if you do wish to speak throughout your presentation, you can use an IM (instant messaging) chat room such as Windows Live Messenger. If you wish to use IM then all you have to do is post the URL into the IM chat room rather than emailing it to your audience. Here are the screen shots for the three steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

4 Now that you are online and ready to go, you can interact with your audience through the IM client, talk through certain points to clarify specific issues, or just click through the various slides to complete the presentation.

It is amazing to think that something like Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint 2010 was once considered a distant dream, yet here it is, ready use from anywhere in the world.