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Today's Tech: iPhone 5, iOS 6 beta 2, Google Asus Nexus 7 tablet, Sony Xperia U.

Creating the most buzz on ITProPortal today has been the news that the iPhone 5 may include an NFC chip, enabling easy payment directly from the smartphone. NFC, standing for Near Field Communication, is a wireless technology that is compatible with countless IDS card terminals around the world, allowing for contactless payments. Mobile payments have yet to fully hit the mainstream, but NFC integration on the next generation iPhone could change all that...

A more crucial selling point (does Apple need selling points?) of the iPhone 5 will be its operating system, and iOS 6 anticipation has been ramped up by the release of its latest beta incarnation to developers. iOS 6 beta 2 has "bug fixes and improvements" - fine tuning a host of the OS's features. Follow the link to find out more.

One tech giant never allows another tech giant to steal all the news however, and Google will be pleased its Nexus 7 tablet is taking some headlines away from Apple ahead of the company's I/O conference beginning tomorrow. After yesterday's spec-leak, we now have reports that a whopping three million of the tablets are set to be shipped this year. Co-produced with Asus, the device looks pretty handy for its modest price, so we may well be seeing a major consumer product emerging when the Nexus hits shelves next month.

Venturing elsewhere, and it turns out the new social network we've all been clamouring to have brought to the UK has arrived - but it comes riddled with security bugs. We are, of course, talking about ‘menshn'. And if you've never heard of Tory MP Louise Mensch's invaluable contribution to the social network field, then shame on you. The fantastically egotistical online forum, sold as some kind of high-brow Twitter, has had numerous security holes exposed by users. Though Louise and her Menshn programmer slaves, beavering away behind screens in their Whitehall bunker, are apparently "sweeping bad news under the carpet" rather than fixing the problems.

As ever, our news content comes bolstered with reviews on all the latest tech products, and today we have the low-down on the Sony Xperia U. Just another addition to the Xperia line-up? Or a value for money smartphone you should seriously think about buying? Follow the link to see how it scored.