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Galaxy S3 is more popular than iPhone 4S in search

End of May saw a surge in Galaxy S3 search requests in the UK, which coincided with the official launch of the phone.

This was reflected in Google Insights for Search, which provided a very interesting perspective on the tug-of-war between Samsung and Apple at the upper end of the handset market.

Apple's iPhone 4S has historically been the most searched phone on the market. But this changed at the end of May when search requests for the Galaxy S3 overtook the iPhone 4S.

And surprisingly, there has been a massive surge (by 900 per cent) in search requests for the blue version of the Galaxy S3.

The phone went on sale less than one month ago and it's managed to become the fastest selling smartphone at Carphone Warehouse and sales figures are set to reach more than 10m units by next month.

The Galaxy S3 can be purchased for as little as £26 per month on a two-year contract with T-Mobile and can be had for around £485 from Amazon (and less from Amazon marketplace sellers). Check out our review of the Galaxy S3.

Source: Google

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