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Today's Tech: Microsoft Windows 8, amazing Google research, new Internet piracy laws, Android Jelly Bean

Hot off the press and leading the round-up is Microsoft's keynote speech at its TechEd Europe Event in Amsterdam today, where the new Windows 8 OS has been showcased. ITProPortal's James Laird was in attendance to tell us all about the slick new platform, which was demonstrated in depth on a Samsung Series 7 tablet. There's lots of insight from James' first-hand analysis, and you can expect more Windows 8 reaction from him over the coming days.

Microsoft hasn't just been showing off Windows operating systems in Amsterdam, it has been doing it online too – demonstrating the Windows Phone 7.8 update on a Nokia Lumia 900. The upgrade has been seen by some cynical observers as a move to appease the Lumia 900 owners who are unhappy at being denied the eagerly-anticipated Apollo OS. Make your mind up on the 7.8 version by following the link and watching the video.

Ever wondered what Google researchers do all day? Apart from fine tuning a search engine and methods to achieve world domination, they teach 16,000 computer processors to recognise cats - that's what. Working alongside scientists at Stanford University, Google has been developing ways to map the human brain, and their efforts have been rewarded with machines that recognise cat faces without being prompted. Follow the link to make sense of it all...

Moving on to different tech territory, and the slow-burning Digital Economy Act is rearing its head, ugly or otherwise, once again. The latest development indicates that Ofcom will assume responsibility for delivering a 'three strikes' ruling against Internet pirates caught in the act – but campaigners have called the situation a "joke", that will see people ending up in court "having done nothing wrong". Check out the full article to see what's prompted such strong criticism.

Finally we've had all the build-up to the Google I/O developers conference covered, and will be tracking the event live this evening. Expected to grab much of the limelight is the Android Jelly Bean update, which was confirmed by the emergence of bean-filled Android statues at Google HQ this morning. Mobile expert Rob has been rounding up all the news and speculation surrounding the Google OS, and will be live blogging on everything else Google has to offer at the tonight's conference.