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Users report image problems on Macbook Pro Retina displays

Two weeks after Apple unveiled its MacBook Pro with Retina display, early adopters are reporting image resistance issues with the new laptop.

The problem involves the outline of an image that remains on screen after the program has been closed. It is primarily noticeable on light-coloured backgrounds, and remains on the screen for about five minutes before fading, according to Apple Insider, which posted video of the glitch (below).

"I first noticed this after my MBP [Retina] had gone to sleep, but: when returning to the login screen (since I have it set to require a password whenever the computer is idle long enough) I noticed what appeared to a very faint ghosting primarily noticeable on darker backgrounds," a user known as mittsense wrote on the Apple forums earlier this month.

Another user responded that he took his new MacBook Pro to Apple's Genius Bar, where an employee ordered him a new MacBook "due to the burn-in."Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Shortly after Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro, ship dates slipped to 2-4 weeks. The Retina display model is currently listed as in stock.

The company's 14-day return policy could come in handy for some new MacBook Pro buyers, who can simply ship the machine back to Apple or bring it to any Apple Store for a full refund. Also, the one-year limited warranty comes with 90 days of complimentary phone technical support.