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Yahoo adds Spotify integration

Yahoo has announced a deal with Spotify that will add content from the online music service to various Yahoo products.

Music from Spotify will initially show up on Yahoo Music before expanding to other entertainment-focussed services like Yahoo Movies and omg. Yahoo, in turn, will create an app for Spotify's app platform, which the company unveiled in November.

"At Spotify we want to light up the Web with music and as Yahoo's global music partner we're able to reach their massive audience," Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify, said in a statement. "We are really excited about the new Yahoo leadership team and thrilled to partner with them to build great experiences around high quality content."

That new leadership includes Ross Levinsohn, who was named interim CEO after Scott Thompson stepped down as CEO amidst a scandal over an inflated resume.

In a statement, Yahoo said the deal is intended to "drive deeper user engagement" for both firms. Users will be able to play Spotify music directly from Yahoo, without leaving the service, much like people can do via Facebook. The Yahoo app, meanwhile, will supply Spotify users with content like artist profiles and musical programs.

"In short, Spotify offers up the opportunity to level the playing field: You don't have to read a writer's account of a 'good' record and simply take it on faith—now you can hear the music for yourself and decide," Yahoo said in a post on Yahoo Music. "And if it turns out that you find trusted musical sources, whether friends, outsiders or other Spotify users, you'll have that much more access to great music and very likely have an even better music experience."

The move comes several months after Spotify unveiled the "Play" button, which allowed Spotify content to be added to third-party sites.

Last week, Spotify added free mobile radio to its iOS app in the US.