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Build your own Lego in Google Chrome

When Google Chrome offers the inner child in everyone an unlimited supply of virtual Legos, there is only one question to ask: What will you build?

The search engine king has been working with Lego Australia to build the largest Lego set ever, all online, via the Build with Chrome website.

Build, the latest Chrome Experiment, invites you to begin construction immediately. Just choose a plot and start laying down your bricks. Builders are relegated to plots within Australia and New Zealand for now, but Google intends to roll out new locations around the world, Google said in a blog post.

Still, there is only a finite amount of space on this planet to claim for your Lego creations, so grab a spot now, warned, since Google is handing out land based on a first-come-first-served basis.

"It shows how far browser technology has come and how the Web is an amazing platform for creativity," wrote Lockey McGrath, Google Australia and New Zealand product marketing manager.

Users must play by the house rules to keep the Build community a happy place. Google asks that everyone create original work that doesn't shock or offend others, and that no brand names, political or religious beliefs, or personal details are advertised on the site.

The program relies heavily on the Web graphics library (WebGL) to function, and keeps Google Maps working behind the scenes to provide mapping data, the blog said.

The latest Chrome Experiment still looks to be in a pretty beta phase, slightly bug-infested when it comes to checking out close-up 3D images.

The simple concept can lead to complex results. Google Australia pointed out that this collaborative 3D building experience is one that would not have been possible a couple of years ago.

The video below shows a 3D version of the Sydney Harbour Bridge being created.