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Google launches Chrome web browser for Apple iPhone & iPad

Google has announced that a version of its Chrome browser for iOS will hit the App Store later today.

Chrome for iOS will work on the iPhone and iPad, Brian Rakowski, vice president of Chrome, said during the Google I/O developer conference today.

"Some of you have been very persistently asking" for Chrome on iOS, Rakowski said.

Rakowski promised a "silky smooth experience" that will allow users to close tabs with a quick swipe and swap tabs by dragging from the side. "It makes browsing the Web on your iPhone really fun," he said.

Like the desktop version of Chrome, the iOS app will sync across devices. Pull up pages that you looked at on your PC or iPhone via the iPad, or vice versa. Credentials are also synced, so no need to re-enter a password on that New York Times story via the iPad if you've already signed in on your PC.

Incognito mode is also available; toggle between public and private mode via a button on the browser bar.

During yesterday's I/O keynote, Google also unveiled Chrome for Android, running on the new Jelly Bean-enhanced Nexus 7 tablet.

The announcement comes as Google today released Chrome 20, which includes hundreds of bug fixes.

iTunes link: Check out this application on the App Store