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Using OneNote templates to speed up notepage creation

Like many of the Microsoft Office 365 programs, OneNote has some great templates already installed. Using these templates is a great time saver that lends a professional look to your notebooks with minimal effort. The templates can also be a good starting point for creating new pages, for example using the meeting notes templates to ensure all important meeting information is included and to make better sense out of what was said.

There are many of different types of template available and they are divided into the categories; Academic, Blank, Business, Decorative and Planners. These templates should cover the majority of your needs, but if you can't find a relevant template, you can also download more from Microsoft Office Online. The template that is automatically implemented when creating a new page is called Default and is located in the Blank section of the template store.

How to implement a template

TIP: You can only create a new page with a template; you can't implement a template with a page that you have already created.

To create a new page with a template, click the drop-down arrow next to the New Page button in the Page Tabs toolbar. From the drop-down menu click Page Templates, to open the page templates toolbar where you can see the five different page template categories.

Click the arrow to the left of each category to expand its contents.

Once you have found the template you want to use, click on it. This will create a new page based on your chosen template. If, once the template has loaded, you decide that the format isn't quite right for your needs, you can click on another template and the page template will automatically change to reflect your choice. Now you are ready to use the template to its full potential and, as with any OneNote page, you have full control over editing the page.

Change your default Template

If you have organised your notebook into different sections, it might be worthwhile changing the default template for a section of a notebook. For example, if you use your notebook to take notes in class, you may have a section for maths notes and another section for history notes. In this example you could change the default page template for the maths note section to the Maths/Science Class notes template and for the History notes section, you could change the default page template to be the History Class Notes template. Now, when you create a new page in the maths section, it will automatically use the Maths/Science Class Notes template and when you create a new page in the history section, by default, the page will be created with the History Class Notes template.

To change the default template for a section, first make sure you are in the section that you wish to change. Use the drop-down menu at the end of the New Page button to open the Templates toolbar. At the bottom of the Templates toolbar there is the default template settings for the current active section. Use the drop-down box to select the template that you want to set as default for the active section. Close the Template toolbar by using the Close button in the top right-hand corner.

Download more from Microsoft

If you have searched through all the templates available and still can't find the one that suits your needs, don't panic! There are many more templates available online for OneNote at Microsoft Go to the Templates toolbar by clicking on the New Page drop-down menu and click the Page Templates button. In the bottom half of the Templates toolbar, click on the Templates on link.

This link will take you to the web page where you can find all the available templates to download for Microsoft OneNote. To download a template, click on the type of template, e.g. Games, then select the required template from the range e.g. Hangman. On the following page, where you can read more information about the template, click the green Download button.

This takes you to a new web page where you have to agree to a Microsoft Service Agreement. Click the Accept button. Depending on your set-up the template might automatically download, if it doesn't, click the Download button at the bottom of the page.

Once the template has finished downloading find the location on your PC where the file has been saved and open the file. The template will then open in OneNote where you can edit it as usual.

In this article, we have looked at the various templates that Microsoft OneNote has to offer and how to download additional free templates from the prodigious online Microsoft website. We have been through the five different categories available with OneNote and found out how to access and use the built-in templates. We also had a quick look at the benefits of changing the default templates for a section of your notebook to make your working life that little bit easier.

If you are new to OneNote, you might like to read our introductory article on how to use OneNote and how to use OneNote's easy to use drawing tools.