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Open API program rolled out by mobile browser Dolphin

Mobile browser Dolphin is opening its garage doors to third-party development.

The popular Android and iOS browser announced today the launch of its Open API program, dubbed Garage, as well as four new add-ons from Dropbox, Pocket, Evernote, and Wikipedia.

Developers can now access more than 150 Dolphin internal application programming interfaces (APIs), including various user interfaces and interactions that allow developers to create their own experiences within the browser, while also providing a sandbox security system.

Add-ons – independent native apps that plug into the Dolphin Browser – allow users to seamlessly download anything to Dropbox from Dolphin, save any Web content to Evernote, save websites to view later via Pocket, and search Wikipedia's 20 million articles without installing a native app.

All Dolphin add-ons take advantage of the recently launched Dolphin Engine, which the company said makes its browser the highest-performing HTML5 browser available, according to a test by Dolphin beat Opera, Chrome Beta, and Firefox by no less than 80 to 125 in the HTML5 test.

Dolphin's current 50-plus add-ons have been installed more than 14 million times, Yongzhi Yang, CEO of Dolphin developer MoboTap, said in a statement.

"Dolphin Garage empowers even more developers to build any add-on or PhoneGap-based Web app they want and allows more Dolphin users to discover their app," Yang said.

The Dolphin browser has plenty of smartphone competition, vying for a spot on Android users' devices among Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, while iPhone users can choose from Bing, Opera, and Google Search. Both operating systems come with a default Web browser, as well.

The Dolphin browser can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.