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StumbleUpon snaffles former Yahoo VP

Discovery site StumbleUpon has announced that it has snapped up Yahoo's former vice president of product management to fill the company's open position.

Cody Simms recently left a seven-year stint at Yahoo, where he oversaw the company's entertainment and lifestyle global product portfolio, and will now manage StumbleUpon's consumer property and the Paid Discovery advertising platform from the San Francisco headquarters.

StumbleUpon is solving an exciting problem, Simms said in a statement.

"There is an ever-growing, nearly infitnite amount of media available to discover and no easy way to know what's new and interesting," he said. "We're redefining content discovery, and I couldn't be more excited to join."

Simms has bounced among product management jobs, including positions at The New York Times, Sprint, NBC Internet, and, according to a press release.

"Cody has great experience and vision connecting consumers with engaging and entertaining experiences online," StumbleUpon chairman and co-founder Garrett Camp said in a statement.

During Simms' time at Yahoo, he created and grew several key projects and served as a leader for a number of initiatives, Camp said, adding that he believes Simms's experience "will take StumbleUpon to the next level."

In December, the roulette-wheel-like search site revamped its look and feel, launching its biggest redesign since it first hit the Web in 2001.