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Is Facebook prepping a 'Want' button?

Facebook is well-known for its 'Like' button, but what about a 'Want' button?

As noted by, developer Tom Waddington located some code within the Facebook Javascript SDK that pointed to the development of a 'Want' button.

It appears that the option is still in the early planning stages, though. "Currently, publishing want actions is disabled, though the button does render," Waddington wrote on his blog.

When asked about the feature, a Facebook spokeswoman said "we're always testing new Platform features, however we have nothing new to announce."

Waddington speculated that Facebook could build "a universal wishlist that could be queried by other apps through the Graph API."

The option would likely be helpful for Facebook's ad partners. Add a product to your Facebook wishlist and the company that produces it could serve up discounts - or just keep tabs on interest. Or else the function could allow users to peruse friends' wishlists for birthday or holiday gift ideas.

Earlier this month, comScore released a report that found Facebook "is having a statistically significant positive lift on people's purchasing of a brand."

Also this month, Facebook integrated its 'Like' button into third-party apps, which will push your 'Like' activity to the Facebook newsfeed.