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MacBook Air crashes caused by Chrome bug

Google has released a temporary fix for a Chrome-related bug that is crashing new Apple MacBook Airs.

The company said on 28 June it had released a Chrome dev update that "contains a fix for Mac hardware with the Intel HD 4000 graphics chip" - i.e. the new MacBook Air.

The glitch resulted in a "resource leak which is causing a kernel panic on that hardware." Thursday's update "is a temporary change while we work on fixing the root cause of the issue," Google said.

Complaints about MacBook Air crashes first cropped up about two weeks ago on Apple's forums.

"128gb 13 inch mac book air, 3 days old keeps crashing. Happening every 5 minutes now. Trackpad suddenly becomes unresponsive, music or video if playing also gets stuck and crashes. Only way to resolve is by turning on and off, but crashing now becoming more frequent," a user named arons wrote on 16 June.

Others chimed in with similar complaints, but it wasn't until two days later that Chrome was mentioned as a possible culprit.

"Stop running chrome and switch to safari for the time being. There is an issue with chrome. I'm sure a patch will be forthcoming to fix this but for the time, I would stop using chrome," ssls6 wrote on 18 June.

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[Image: Apple forums]