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Today's Tech: Google Nexus 7 review, Sony buys into cloud-gaming, and Samsung hits us with a camera

It's been a day of reporting business deals and delving into new devices over here at ITProPortal, with Monday's round-up headed by Google's recently unveiled Nexus 7. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-running tablet looks good and gets top marks – in a nutshell, it's classy, fast and affordable, but could be in legal trouble. The new portable computer, co-built by Asus, also looks like it may be hit with patent-related legal action by the serial lawsuit machine that is Apple, among others.

Jelly Bean emerges as a recurring topic today, with our expert mobile editor Rob Kerr opining on what is missing from Android's latest incremental OS upgrade, not to mention giving us a bit of in-depth insight into the new features it offers. Think improved voice-recognition and new widget formatting functions and you'll still be scratching the surface.

Life under the cloud also continues to improve, with news arriving today that Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired ace gaming provider Gaikai in a deal worth £240 million. Using Gaikai's technology, Sony will now offer a cloud-based gaming service that replaces the tiresome download process with high-speed, sky-high streaming, offering non-console owners increased access to top titles.

Samsung has also jumped in on the product and service revelation act, unveiling a new 26x ultrazoom camera, the WB100, which is being pitched at holidaymakers who want to capture both the finer details of architecture and the sprawling beauty of scenic landscapes. It boasts a number of other interesting features, including HD video recording and a 3D mode, so make sure to click on.

Finally, Will Dalton meets with the security experts at Kaspersky as part of an exclusive round-table discussion, with debate focussing on virtualised systems - increasingly popular with IT operations in their eternal drive for high-performance, low-cost solutions. ITProPortal offers its readers an insight into the biggest threats of the day and how they relate to security and virtualisation, helping you to decide what's right for your business.