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YouTube set to improve comments section

In the hierarchy of Internet commenting, YouTube does not rank particularly high and is often littered with low-brow observations and profanity. Google, however, is well-aware of the situation and reportedly working on a solution.

At a breakout session at last week's Google I/O conference, YouTube exec Dror Shimshowitz said the company is "working on some improvements to the comment system," details of which should emerge in the coming months, according to Wired.

When asked for details, Shimshowitz declined, saying instead that comments were just one of many things YouTube hopes to improve upon in the future, Wired said.

One way to improve the situation might be to tie your real-life persona more closely to your YouTube profile, as Facebook has done via the commenting system available across the Web.

YouTube took a step in that direction earlier today by allowing users to use their Google+ profile on their YouTube channel. The company rolled this out for new users earlier this year, but is now extending it to existing YouTube members.

YouTube framed the change as way to update a YouTube username you might have outgrown (like cutepuppies99) or make it easier for people to find you on the service. Linking YouTube to Google+ will delete that old username and replace it with your full name from Google+.

"If you are currently YouTube user joeysam87, you can now appear as Joey Samson, the full name from your Google+ profile (with an actual space in the middle!), along with any photo you uploaded," YouTube said in a blog post.

Before you make the switch final, YouTube will let you review past activity in case you don't want it associated with your Google+ account ("all those 'I love you Biebs!!' comments?")

"By clicking 'Review my content,' you can see every video, comment or playlist you've ever posted, and decide whether you want it associated with your full name before making the change," YouTube said.

YouTube will present you with the option to link to Google+ the next time you upload or comment on YouTube. If you'd rather not link up the accounts, click "I don't want to use my full name."

Partners, brands and organisations won't see the option just yet and it will roll out in the US first.