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T-Mobile's Manchester store trashed by customer rampage

Disgruntled customers are hardly new to Britain's high streets, let alone uknown to mobile phone providers, but one Mancunian gentleman took venting frustration to a new level entirely over the weekend.

After apparently being refused a refund in a contact-related dispute, a man identified as 42-year-old Salford resident Jason Codner proceeded to methodically decimate a T-Mobile shop in Manchester's city centre.

A passer-by caught the rampage on their mobile phone and posted the resulting video on YouTube with the footage (below) immediately going viral. It now boasts over half a million hits and a dedicated Facebook page.

In the video, Codner is shown letting off fire extinguishers and ripping out wall displays at the Market Street mobile retailer as staff and spectators look on through the window, with only a bewildered security official and the livid customer visible inside the shop before police arrive at the scene to arrest Codnor.

A spokesperson for T-Mobile confirmed that the incident occurred on Saturday and pertained to a contract disagreement, adding: "During the incident, all customers and staff were taken outside of the store as quickly as possible and the police were called immediately. We are very pleased to say that none were injured and will be re-opening the store as soon as possible."

According to the Greater Manchester Police, Codner has been charged with criminal damage and causing alarm and is scheduled to appear before a magistrate's court at the end of the month.