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Today's Tech: Apple-Samsung patent & mobile wars, Windows 8 Pro discount offer, T-Mobile store trashed by customer

The Apple-Samsung war is heating up. Last week we reported Apple’s home-turf victory against its Korean rival by successfully having sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in the States owing to alleged patent infringement. Samsung lodged an instant appeal, but we have now learned that this has been unsuccessful. Follow the link for more on how this development shapes the on-going, cross-continent scrap between the two tech giants.

A more traditional market-place fracas is also unfolding between the duo. Industry research shows Apple’s iPhone 4S is still the most popular mobile device in the UK, but Samsung is catching up. Rapidly. Will those seasoned pros at Cupertino be panicking just yet? The ever-increasing deployment of Android 4.0, that had a huge role to play in the latest findings, suggests they should.

All the top dogs are tailoring beautiful operating systems for us right now, and the highly-anticipated Windows 8 Pro should be coming our way with a very nice discount if you’re already a Windows user. Microsoft has slashed upgrade prices for those eligible in the US and it is thought the offer will apply over here too, when the platform is launched later this year.

Ever been tempted to completely destroy the local retail branch of your mobile phone operator? Well one man gave in to that very temptation. Which is bad news for the T-Mobile store in Manchester, but good news for us, as someone filmed the incredible rampage that took place. Read on to see what provoked him and watch how he went about making his feelings felt…

Finally, ITProPortal has today served up a review of the brand spanking new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It arrived with quite a fanfare at last week’s Google I/O conference, but it’s not the glitzy presentations that prove an OS’s worth, it’s how it performs in the palm of your hand - and we have the low-down so go and see how it scored.