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Bad omen for the iPhone 5? Apple smartphone allegedly explodes in 17-year-old's pocket

Video footage of a spontaneously combusting iPhone has surfaced on the Web.

The device, an as-yet unidentified iPhone model, exploded in the pocket of 17-year-old Henri Helminen, reports Finnish news site Kauppalehti.

Helminen purchased the phone less than three months ago and it “was working perfectly” before the explosion, he told the news site. The phone appears to have been completely burnt in the incident.

Though there’s no way of verifying the video, previous incidents of spontaneously combusting iPhones have been reported. Apple has not commented on this particular case.

In late 2011, an iPhone caught fire aboard a flight to Sydney from Lismore in New South Wales. An investigation by the Australian aviation authority found that the cause of the explosion was a “misplaced screw,” likely to have resulted from a sub par repair attempt.

Not long afterwards, an iPhone 4 exploded in Brazil after being left to charge overnight.

The first generation iPod Nano was prone to similar explosions and units sold between September 2005 and December 2006 were recalled after it was revealed the devices were overheating due to a battery defect.

In June, Samsung launched an investigation into its flagship smartphone - and iPhone rival - the Galaxy S3 after a device was reported to have overheated and exploded in a customer’s car.

Source and Image Credit: Kauppalehti