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Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphones to be released by end of 2012

Nokia has sped up its production process and is preparing to release a line of Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones before the end of the year, reports Chinese Windows Phone site WPDang.

Citing an anonymous source, the site reveals that prospective customers will not have to wait until 2013 for a Windows Phone 8 Nokia device as previously thought. The line of handsets is expected to be released in the Chinese market early on.

The news comes on the heels of a major backlash against Nokia after it was revealed that its Lumia 900 handset, released three months ago and purchased by some two million customers, will not be getting an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 when it is finally released in the autumn.

In late June, Microsoft demonstrated the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on a Lumia 900, but the update does not appear to offer many improvements other than the redesigned Windows Phone 8 homescreen.

Nokia’s forthcoming line of Windows Phone 8 devices will likely ship with multi-core processors, higher screen resolutions and NFC capability, some of the factors that have been singled out for being the reason the Lumia 900, and other Windows Phone 7 devices, will not be Windows Phone 8 compatible.

Other manufacturers expected to release Windows Phone 8 smartphones by the end of the year include HTC and Huawei.