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Rapidshare introduces Google Drive, Skydrive rival

Online storage service Rapidshare has introduced a new tool called RapidDrive which allows Windows user to integrate RapidShare storage space seamlessly with Microsoft desktop OSes (Windows XP, Vista and 7).

This means that files can be dragged and dropped to RapidDrive. You cannot use it to run any application though and it can take up to five minutes for the files to be displayed.The solution is available as a beta for RapidPro customers only.

The company charges as little as 4.11 Euros per month (on a two year, 99.90 Euros contract) for unlimited storage, unlimited traffic with SSL Encryption and no file size limits.In comparison, Google Drive offers 5GB of online storage while Skydrive ups it to 7GB (25GB for legacy members) and Dropbox only offers 2GB.

Expect the final version to be available towards the end fo the year. Note that the RapidDrive appears to be devoid of any mobile versions or advanced sharing facilities for now.

Rapidshare was founded in 2006 and somehow managed to avoid the wrath that hit its archrival, and its founder, Kim Dotcom.

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