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Ideal for the Samsung Galaxy S3: T-Mobile Full Monty package down to £18!

T-Mobile online reseller Chitter Chatter is offering an exclusive 12-months SIM only plan with cashback on the mobile phone operator's Full Monty plan for a net price of £18 per month.

That's a saving of £13 per month on the official retail price of the plan direct from T-Mobile (or around 42 per cent).

Customers will get £3 cashback per month on the Full Monty plan (the plan's cost is £21 per month) and you get unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

Note that tethering is forbidden and that only Three offers it amongst the mainstream mobile phone operators with Virgin Mobile being the other provider doing unlimited data tariffs.

How good is that deal? Well, buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile on the Full Monty plan and you will pay a total cost of ownership of £1,013 over two years. Grab the phone on SIM Free for under £500 and you will end up paying a TCO of around £920, which is nearly £100 cheaper.


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