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London taxi firm the first in Europe to introduce free Wi-Fi

With the Olympics fast approaching and all eyes on London's technological infrastructure, one minicab firm is going out on a wire to ensure that the Underground isn't the only place where passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi access.

Greentomatocars, the second largest mini cab company in the capital, has announced that all of the 300+ cars in its fleet will now offer free Wi-Fi connectivity to customers, in a rollout thought to be the first of its kind it Europe.

Jonny Greenstone, founder of Greentomatocars, claimed that the new service was appropriate given London's status as a hub for technological innovation.

"You don't have to work in the technology industry to see the importance of connectivity. With free in-car Wi-Fi we are able to offer our customers the access they need to stay connected," Mr Greenstone said.

Download speeds are projected to be in the region of 7Mbps, with uploads at 2Mbps, for those using the 3G service provided by Wireless Logic on behalf of the cab company. Greentomatocars is also notable for its adoption of environmentally-friendly policies, which include the deployment of hybrid Toyota Prius vehicles and a dedicated carbon offsetting policy.

The Inquirer reported that the free Wi-Fi service being furnished by Greentomatocars would be accessed via an "ilovefreewifi" password.