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Samsung to introduce Windows RT tablets this autumn

Anonymous sources have told Bloomberg that Samsung will release a tablet running Windows RT in September. Windows RT is designed to run on ARM architecture rather than x86 (for Intel and AMD).

Unlike the current Galaxy Tab range, the tablet will not run on Samsung's own ARM system-on-a-chip (the Exynos family) but will instead use archrival's Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC range. Thus far, only Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments - all three US-based companies - have been validated for use with Windows RT.

The introduction of Windows RT will mark the first time in nearly two decades that Microsoft hasn't released a desktop-ready version of Windows that can take on x86 (the last one was Windows NT 3.1 that ran on Dec Alpha and the MIPS R4000 range of CPUs).

Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be selling its own Surface tablets in Windows RT and Windows 8 flavours. It is likely that in a similar way to Google's Nexus handsets, the Surface tablet duo will provide with a template/blueprint for other partners to emulate.

Expect Windows 8 to be launched officially in September ahead of the busy back to school and holiday periods.


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