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Should Android tablets be allowed to upgrade to Windows RT?

Will Microsoft find a way of "encouraging" tablet manufacturers to put a trial version of Windows RT on their devices? That's a plausible, potentially disruptive idea, which would essentially allow Microsoft to offer Windows RT as trialware.

Android tablets are expected to be cheaper than Windows RT models since the former don't have to pay a license fee to Microsoft.

But many existing and potential Android users may opt for Windows on ARM due to its familiarity and Microsoft's brand recognition, especially in the corporate world. In theory, nothing major prevents Windows RT and Android from running on the same hardware.

Let's not forget that Windows phone handsets share the same hardware as many Android smartphones, which means that Microsoft could easily reward (via commission) tablet manufacturers for any conversion from Android to Windows RT, or a more generous funding scheme for their marketing campaigns (generally known as co-op).

Still, would Google, which controls Google Play, allow an app that promotes this migration to live in its online marketplace? Or would manufacturers have to tweak Android instead? As far as end users go, though, more choice is never a bad thing.

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