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Today's Tech: Microsoft unveils Windows 8 launch date, Galaxy S3 explosion revealed as hoax, Galaxy Nexus back on sale in US

As the anticipation for its new OS builds, Microsoft has finally announced that Windows 8 will enter RTM stage in the first week of August and will launch towards the end of October. Windows RT, the ARM-based version of the operating system, is rumoured to have an October release date, as well.

Apple has withdrawn its products from the EPEAT certification program, which rates electronic products based on environmental criteria like recyclability and energy consumption. EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee suggests that it's likely because Apple’s future plans for hardware design would conflict with EPEAT’s ratings.

Moving on to mobile news, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that was reported to have spontaneously combusted in June has admitted that the explosion actually happened after the device was microwaved. The sheepish confession came after Samsung’s investigation found that the “energy source responsible for generating the heat has been determined as external to the device.”

Also in Samsung-related happenings, the company’s Galaxy Nexus is back on sale in the States. The decision to issue a preliminary injunction against the device was overturned by a US Appeals Court, which was satisfied with Google’s announcement that the tablet would run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The updated operating system reportedly contains changes that address the patent disputes in question.

In the security world, up to half a million people could suffer from Internet outages thanks to the DNSChanger malware that has been plaguing PCs since 2007. Infected computers could be taken offline while the FBI shuts down the DNS servers used by Estonian hackers.