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Windows 8 to launch in October, RTM in four weeks

Microsoft has confirmed that its next OS, Windows 8, will reach 'release to manufacturing' (RTM) stage in the first week of August and will be available for purchase towards the end of October.

Tami Reller, Microsoft's Chief Financial Office, told an audience at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada that the company will ship the final copy of Windows 8 next month with general availability scheduled for end of October.

Windows 8 is currently in Release Candidate (RC) mode otherwise known as Release Preview. The company is also rumoured to launch Windows RT, the ARM-based iteration of the OS, in October.

Computer manufacturers have already started to promote Windows 8 by offering an upgrade deal to Microsoft's new operating system for as little as £14.99. Interestingly, the promotion is for Windows 8 rather than the Home Edition.

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