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Kogan doesn't back down on potential Bing censorship claims

We've been in touch with Ruslan Kogan, the CEO of online electronics shop Kogan, to find out whether he had backed away from a veiled suggestion that Bing and Yahoo! might have removed from their indexes, possibly in retaliation for having imposed a 6.8 per cent tax on IE7 visitors to the site last month.

This comes after Australian news website The Age stated that Kogan had backed away from claims that the disappearance of the site was a deliberate manipulation of SERP by Microsoft. Kogan told us, " is still not showing up in search results in Microsoft backed search engines such as Bing and Yahoo browsers (sic) since we introduced our IE7 tax. This is true for all countries.", before adding, "We just hope it's a bug or a glitch. We love what Microsoft has done for the personal computer space over the last 20 years. The fact that our website has gone missing in Microsoft/Bing/Yahoo search engines has come as a shock to us."

One theory put forward was that it might have been a penalty for the entire domain because the Javascript code used to put up the IE7 warning might have been mistaken as being malicious by Bing or blocked by the bingbot spider.

Ruslan told us, however, that this is a standard code used by thousands of other websites that detects the browser being used and customises the user experience according to it.

In addition, Bing Webmaster Tools did not report any errors in the site's code or configuration. A quick check on Sucuri Sitecheck, a free website malware scanner, shows that is deemed clean by Google, Norton, Opera, SiteAdvisor and Phish tank.

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