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Microsoft shipped more than 630m Windows 7 licenses

Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer, Tami Reller has announced at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada, that more than 50 per cent of enterprise desktops worldwide are now on Windows 7, with many migrating from Windows XP.

More than 630 million Windows 7 licenses have been so far. Reller noted that the rate of overall Windows 7 adoption is accelerating and despite the arrival of Windows 8 in a few months' time, customers should have "continued confidence that their Windows 7 deployments, including with the knowledge that Windows 7 PCs and the applications running on those PCs will run beautifully with Windows 8".

Until early next year, customers who purchase computers running Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for as little as £14.99 regardless of which version of Windows 7 they have.

According to online Internet analyst firm, Netmarketshare, Windows XP is still the most popular operating system just ahead of Windows 7 while Windows Vista and Windows 8 only account for a tiny fraction of global Windows installations.

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