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Today's Tech: Samsung Galaxy Tab deemed "not as cool" as iPad, BlackBerry 10 to launch in January, Microsoft adds patent deals

In what is perhaps the legal version of a backhanded compliment, the UK High Court ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets do not infringe on design patents held by Apple - because they’re simply “not as cool” as the iPad when it comes to design, wrote Judge Birrs QC.

Also in Samsung and Apple news, both have, unsurprisingly, made Fortune's Global 500 list. Samsung jumped two spots to number 20 on the list and beat out Apple, which landed at number 55. Other tech companies that earned a coveted spot on the list were HP (31), AT&T (32), Hitachi (38) and Verizon (50).

As for RIM, which has been edged out of the market by the likes of Samsung and Apple, the company may be preparing to launch its anticipated BlackBerry 10 platform in January, widely believed to be the Canadian company's last chance at survival. Speaking to CIO, the company's chief executive Thorsten Heins said the company would release a BB10 touch-screen device in the first month of 2013, to be followed up with a handset boasting a physical keyboard.

Still in the mobile world, Microsoft has gained two more Android patent-licensing deals. Some 70 per cent of all US devices running Android hold licenses from the tech giant, a spokesperson said. Other companies to have licensed Android-related patents from Microsoft include HTC, Samsung, LG and Pegatron.

But it's not all good news on Microsoft's end. Australian online shop Kogan, which you might remember for levying a tax against IE7 users in June, has alleged that Bing and Yahoo! may have removed from their indexes. The move could amount to censorship, the company's CEO Ruslan Kogan told us, though it could equally be a bug or a glitch.